Psssst...did you know that Instagram Reels are the #1 consumed content on Social Media?!
And Reels are being pushed out to create MASSIVE exposure for businesses and brands?!
Imagine Making One 15-Second Video That Turns Into 100,000 Views, 1,000 New Followers, And 100 New Leads To Your Business...
Now that I have your attention, I want to invite you to the IG Reels WORKshop where we are going to "Get Sip Done..."

Think of this kinda like a shortcut in your business +marketing and business workshop + kick your booty into massive action with the biggest supporters cheering you on every step of the way,  all wrapped up in one place, designed to help you step OUT OF LEARNING and INTO DOING and experience new levels of growth within your business...

...and YOU are invited...

Get instant access to the
"Stand Out Reels for Business" Online Masterclass

Who Is This IG Reels Masterclass For?

Small Businesses

Leaders and Influencers

Coaches / Consultants

Service & Product Providers

Personal Brands

Online Marketers


Ready to "Get Sip Done" with this "Stand Out Reels" Online Masterclass?

Did you know that we retain only 5-10% of info when we just "hear/learn" about it?  But when we DO what we've learned, we retain 80-90% of that info! So let's get OUT OF INFO OVERLOAD and INTO ACTION with easy step-by-step training and social media marketing strategy.

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This MASTERclass will walk you through everything you need to know to get started and master IG Reels, how to do the "cool transitions" you see other people doing, how to utilize marketing, copywriting and music strategy to gain massive exposure, and best of all - you'll learn the secrets to beat the social media "game" no matter what the algorithm does!

IG REELS are literally the current social media shortcut to growing your business quickly.


So, what's all included in the 
Stand Out Reels Online Masterclass?

Reels Training from Charity Majors

Charity has taught 6, 7 & 8 figure businesses, brands and entrepreneurs how to create Stand Out Reels for Business. She's been reaching thousands of new people & converting them into clients with Reels and is excited to pass on what she has learned. This training will show you exactly what REELS are, how to set yourself up for success on Instagram, and to give you the resources and knowledge you need to generate clients, customers, all while growing your exposure and following.
You'll receive a copy of our custom Reels planner, that will help you with research, planning and batching reels.

Guided Reels Research For Your Business

You'll get step-by-step instruction (and links) on where to find the best music for a reel, how to edit, record, and plan out your REELS content.  We will dive into the items needed to attract your ideal clients, share about your product or services, and captions that will attract and grow your audience.

Reels Planner

Side - By - Side Implementation

We will walk through - side by side - and screen by screen - the steps you need to take to create, record, edit and publish REELS.

The Secrets to Batch Recording & Editing Reels

This is the secret sauce...the actual TIME to batch record...

How many times have you learned something, only to realize you don't even have the time to implement it?

Not with this Masterclass...we literally create time and space for you to BATCH record multiple REELS, while you're watching the training videos, so that by the time you're done, you'll have multiple pieces of content ready to publish.

Instant Access to the Masterclass, Workbook, Guidebook, Canva Cover Templates & More!

You'll gain instant access to this 7-module training, teaching you the step-by-step process to creating stand-out reels for your business (including the "cool transitions" you want to learn. This training includes strategies that will help you gain exposure no matter what the algorithm does, gain exposure that will explode your social media audience and easily attract your ideal clients (PLUS learning how to sell without selling).

Our proprietary "Stand Out Reels" process workbook, Guidebook that contains 100+ links to reels to reference for inspiration and easily accessed trending music, 21 Canva cover templates fully customizable to your brand, a social media tracker, reels challenge tracker, a Reels planning page, plus a BONUS section filled with insider secrets.

BONUS - Follow Up Reels Challenge

After you're done with the Masterclass, you'll not only get the REELS challenge (aka - actually POSTING the reels that you created and tracking your progress), but there are some fun contests along the way, when it comes to gaining followers, expanding audience views, etc...
Ready to experience massive growth in your social media exposure by getting access to the "Stand Out Reels for Business" Online Masterclass?

Get instant access to this online Masterclass and master Instagram Reels TODAY!


This isn't just another training.

Imagine having FUN on social media, showing your personality and sense of humor expertise – deepening the “know, like and trust” factor of your brand.

This is a results focused MASTERclass, where you will not only learn about Instagram Reels, but you will batch create content so you walk away with up to a MONTH WORTH OF REELS, ready to publish and explode your exposure.

If you're ready to stop struggling with social media and experience massive growth, then this "Stand Out Reels" Online Masterclass is FOR YOU.

What You're Gonna Learn:

  • What Reels Are
  • ​How To Make Reels
  • ​Reel Mistakes To Avoid
  • ​Creating Successful & Stand-Out Reels
  • ​How To Easily Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • ​Ideas For Reels
  • ​Advanced Reels Video Secrets
  • ​How To Sell Without Selling Using Reels
  • ​How To Easily Create & Batch Reels
  • ​IG Growth Strategy
  • ​How To Show Your Personality On Social Media
  • ​How To Make Social Media FUN!
  • ​Kick Imposter Syndrome To The Curb
  • ​...and MORE!

What Others Are Saying:

Ready to take Major Action and experience the massive growth in your business that you've been wanting to see for so long?

Tired of the overwhelm or distractions that keep you stuck in your business?

Ever wish you could have clarity, focus, and know which direction to go so you can spend more time effectively growing your business instead of feeling like you're pushing a boulder uphill or spinning your wheels?

Imagine having the opportunity to get insider-business-strategy and have support, and done-with-you guidance...

No more feeling stuck, no more confusion, no more doubt, no more overwhelm.

Just the step-by-step strategies you need to take, from fellow entrepreneurs who have been where you've been and know how to guide you forward into massive action and explosive growth.

Do I Qualify?

Here are the basic requirements if you'd like to register...

  • You need to have a phone and an instagram account.
  • You need to be coachable and willing to listen and accept our advice.
  • ​You need to be willing to take massive and imperfect action (with our help, of course).
  • We encourage solution-oriented thinking, so be ready to get rid of excuses. Whining, complaining about anything and everything, or being a negative-nancy is not allowed.
  • We have a "collaboration over competition" culture. You MUST be willing to not only be supported by high-level entrepreneurs, but BE a supportive high-level entrepreneur as well. We rise together. There is no room for ego, staying small and not going after your next level. PERIOD.

Ready to step into the next level and make this year your BEST YET (and have a LOT of fun doing it)?!

If you didn't receive massive value when your done implementing the strategies we teach, you will receive a full refund...

No hard problemo...

Just email within 14 days of purchase showing proof of the work you've done and we'll refund your Masterclass purchase price within 3-5 business days.

If you do decide to purchase this Masterclass and implement the strategies taught, it will likely change your life and business forever...

(plus we're gonna have a LOT of fun doing it...)

Imagine boosting your organic growth on social media – faster than any other platform available today!

Ready to grow your Instagram with REELS?

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Meet Your IG Reels Coach:

Charity Majors

Charity is a founder, author, international speaker, and a savvy digital marketing strategist.  She has taught 6, 7 & 8 figure entrepreneurs the secrets to Stand Out Reels for Business and is excited to bring this training to you!

Charity is the founder of Business & Bubbly, the author to the #1 new release and #2 best seller, Meant For More; Igniting Your Purpose in a World That Tries to Dim Your Light. She is a former TV host, the host to a popular Podcast called "Meant For More", and the Business & Bubbly podcast and has been speaking, training, and facilitating workshops and events for over 15 years.

She has a sensational 14-Days to Unshakable Confidence Challenge that has impacted over 1000 women, all around the world, to bust through their fear, grow their confidence, and align with their purpose.

As an Idaho Influencer, social media marketing expert and award winning entrepreneur, she has created and launched multiple successful online businesses, and now teaches and equips other entrepreneurs to do the same.

She not only has grown her IG to "micro-influencer" status, she has utilized REELS to gain thousands and thousands of views...She also has a YouTube video with over half a million views, her podcast has almost 100,000 downloads, & has over 20,000 Facebook connections.  She has created multiple successful accounts that experience massive growth and exposure.

She regularly facilitates Luxury Business & Branding Retreats for high-level entrepreneurs who desire to level up their business quickly.

Her expertise in psychology, confidence and equipping rising leaders, with her proven and proprietary Major I.M.P.A.C.T. Method, that helps lifestyle entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and authors go from idea to launch to profit to impact.

Her favorite titles are “Babe” to her husband, Chris, and “Mama” to her son, Judah and daughter Eden.

She also is an excellent plant killer, a total book-nerd, loves to adventure around the world and doesn’t take herself too seriously (because there is enough serious stuff in this world and dance parties, messy buns with sweat pants and karaoke are a must). 

Her favorite foods are Thai food and Mexican food (bring on the spicy stuff)! And drinks kombucha like it’s going out of style.

One of her favorite days was when her and her family went to Africa and gave over 100 pairs of shoes to orphans and under served children.
Ready to level up your social media with this
"Stand Out Reels" Online Masterclass?

Did you know that we retain only 5-10% of info when we just "hear/learn" about it? But when we DO what we've learned, we retain 80-90% of that info! So let's get OUT OF INFO OVERLOAD and INTO ACTION!

Just in case you want a quick recap:

  • Stand Out IG REELS Online Training: Charity Majors will walk you through step by step REELS creation, creation strategy, and launch strategy to explode your exposure on IG with this online Masterclass course.
  • ​Instant access to the digital portal where you can access this 7-module training right away.
  • ​Custom Reels Planner - You'll receive the custom Reels Planner that will help you easily plan for and batch record reels.
  • ​Guided Reels Research For Your Business - You will sit down and do market research, so that your reels are relevant to your audience and attract your ideal clients easily.
  • Side - By - Side Implementation - No more information overload...this is a MASTERclass for a reason.  We are literally creating reels, side by side/screen-by-screen, so that you know exactly what you're doing every step of the way.
  • Batch Recording Secrets & Editing Reels Prompts -  This is the magic sauce, where we actually DO the work.  No more going to a training, learning lots of great stuff, only to leave with no time to implement what you just learned (because, well, life)...this is set aside time to batch record and edit reels, so that by the time you're done with the online training, you have loads of content ready to publish.
  • Magnetic Messaging - Copywriting secrets that will have you standing out from all the noise, easily growing your audience and turning posts into profit (no matter what the algorithm decides to do
  • Social media marketing strategy that will grow your engagement and teach you how to sell without selling.
  • World Social Media Domination.
Ready to get instant access to this "Stand Out Reels" Online Masterclass, get out of learning and into major action, so you can experience massive growth with your social media exposure?!

Get instant access to this online training right away...EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT ACCESS for a limited time only!

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